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City Council

Candidate Filing Form SEL 101
Candidate Form SEL 121

June 5, 2024               First Day to File for the 2024 General Election

Those wishing to run in the 2024 General Election must submit a Candidate Filing Form (SEL 101) and Nominating Petition (SEL 121) to Mt. Vernon City Hall by Tuesday, August 27, 2024 at 3PM.
Nominating Petitions must contain a minimum of three valid signatures of electors of the city for the 2024 Election.

The City of Mt. Vernon Charter of 1990 stipulates that the Mayor and Four Councilors be "nominated and elected from the city at large" and at each general election two councilors and a mayor shall be elected.
"Section 24. Qualifications.
(1) An elective city officer shall be a qualified elector under the state constitution and shall have resided in the city during the six months immediately before being elected. 
(2) No person may be a candidate at a single election for more than one elective city office.
(3) An elective officer may be employed in a city position that is substantially volunteer in nature. Whether the position is so may be decided by the justice court or in some other manner, whichever the council prescribes.
(4) Except as subsection (3) of this section provides to the contrary, the council is the final judge of the election and qualifications of its members. " 

"Section 29. State Law. Except as this charter or a city ordinance prescribes to the contrary, a city election shall conform to state law applicable to the election."

ORS 249.072 Requirements regarding number and distribution of persons signing nonpartisan petitions.
(2) The nominating petition for a nonpartisan office not provided for in subsection (1) of this section shall contain at least 500 signatures of electors in the electoral district, or a number of signatures of electors equal to at least one percent of the vote cast in the electoral district for all candidates for Governor at the most recent election at which a candidate for Governor was elected to a full term, whichever is less.

The Mt. Vernon City Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Mt. Vernon Community Hall.
The Mt. Vernon City Council consists of a mayor and four councilors nominated and elected from the city at large.  The mayor is elected for a two year term and the councilors shall each be elected for a four year term.

                                        Term Ending
Kenny Delano                     2024

Council President
Lori Kerr                              2026

Mike Cearns, Sr.                 2024

Judi Bennett                        2024

Justin Deming                     2026